Why you need Formative Ventures

Getting from pre-revenue to revenue is no easy task for any start-up company.  This is a challenging transition because most company founders excessively focus on the science behind their technology, but the truly successful companies need to be equally focused on the art of market adoption.  

To ensure effective market adoption, a start-up needs to establish a process early in its life-cycle to build relationships with key influencers in the market who can become committed partners and customers.  These relationships are invaluable as you refine your product for commercial adoption.  Many times entrepreneurs inadvertently build key relationships with partners and customers around a single person or group, only to find "the rug pulled from under them" when a re-organization occurs.  We believe it is critical to learn how to build relationships at all levels throughout an organization to make sure you establish a lasting and dependable alliance with that company.

Formative Ventures is one investment partner that you can lean on as you pursue these relationships.  In fact, we think that the first three customers that you secure will substantively define your company, and determine your chances of becoming an industry leader, so make sure you choose your investing partners with this in mind.  Among its peers, FV knows the start-up lifecycle better than anyone.  We have the practical hands-on experience to help you make these "life changing" decisions as you build your company into a market leader.  Our partners have a history of making the right calls on big decisions.  We’ve led sales, marketing and business development efforts at some of Silicon Valley’s most successful start-ups so we’ve been in your shoes.

Getting and winning customers sounds like such an easy thing to do, but it’s not.  We’ve found that it’s much more of an art than a science which is why you should choose your investors with this in mind.  Choose Formative Ventures.






The Formative team was very resourceful, having introduced us to key partnership companies and other potential investors.  They provided us with a broad range of operating experiences that were critically beneficial to our company.”

- Werner Sievers,
former CEO of Zyray Wireless
(acquired by Broadcom)


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