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Marketocracy, Inc. is a mutual and hedge fund management company that employs an innovative Internet-based research tool and social network comprised of over 50,000 virtual fund managers, who each use Marketocracy’s patent pending tool suite and trading engine to manage their own model mutual fund portfolio. These model portfolio managers use the Marketocracy site to trade public securities in a manner compliant with traditional mutual fund rules, and whose performances are then compared against the rest of the community on a daily basis to create an "American Idol for Fund Managers" process from which the Company's fund manager is able glean insight to manage actual publicly available mutual and hedge fund products. The Company’s flagship product, the Masters100 mutual fund (MOFQX), is an index-based multi-cap core fund product that was launched in November 2001, and is currently in its fifth year of management by company CEO and mutual fund veteran Ken Kam (founder of Firsthand Funds). In 2007, the Company announced a new family of mFolio products that are managed by the top performing managers from the Marketocracy community, each of whom posted 40%+ annual gains for five straight years.

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Lead Partner: Clint Chao
Co-Investors: Ken Favaro, David Diesslin, Bay Partners, USVP

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