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Advanced Semiconductors
acquired by Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) in 2010

Silicon Clocks is a fabless semiconductor company developing standard and customer-specific integrated products based on its patented SmartPLL™ and CMEMS™ (Standard CMOS + MEMS) technologies. CMEMS™ allows the 3D silicon manufacturing of a wide range of silicon resonators and sensors directly above standard CMOS wafers enabling the creation of a wide range of integrated clock & timing, consumer, health, automotive, wireless, and energy harvesting applications. Companies adopting the CMEMS™ technology develop new products with unprecedented form factors, improved manufacturing margins, and lower power consumption.


Lead Partner: Clint Chao
Co-Investors: Charles River Ventures, Lux Capital, Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), Tallwood Venture Capital

May 2010: Silicon Labs Acquires Silicon Clocks





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