Portfolio CEO Testimonials



Perry Constantine, CEO of IP Infusion

“Since the partners at Formative Ventures have operated at the highest levels of executive leadership in both start-ups and large established companies, IPI was able to benefit greatly from their experiences in both daily and long-term management and decision-making. They understand the needs and issues of our company and can consult with us to make the right choices to become a market leader in our category.”


Ken Kam, CEO of Marketocracy

"The Formative formula is to leverage their firsthand operational experience to help their portfolio companies in critical growth areas, such as fundraising, market positioning and executive management. Formative is a solid financing and operational partner who has enabled us to aggressively direct our innovative approaches to the multi-trillion dollar mutual fund industry."



Werner Sievers, CEO of Zyray Wireless

"With our company in San Diego, we looked for an investment partner in Silicon Valley that was well connected with both technology companies and the venture finance industry. The Formative team was very resourceful, having introduced us to key partnership companies and other potential investors. They provided us with a broad range of operating experiences that were critically beneficial to our company."








The team at Formative really brought their hands-on experience to the table when they invested in our company.  Formative was resourceful and knowledgeable enough about our market to help us with what turned out to be a very nice outcome for everyone.”

Bernard Xavier
Former CEO and founder of InnoCOMM Wireless and now
CEO and founder of
Quorum Systems

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